Chef Quang Tran worked his way up through the gritty hierarchy of the kitchen. He understood from a very young age that hard work was the key to success, in fact, sometimes the key to your very survival. In 2003 he asked his boss to move him from his comfortable front desk job into the kitchen of the 5-star luxury hotel where he worked in Dalat, Vietnam. It seemed to most to be a demotion, but Quang had ambitions to make a better life for himself and his family and he was passionate about how he was going to do it.

Five years later, when he had learned everything he could, he asked his GM to move him to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) to study even more. He worked at the most famous hotel in the city for one year while studying at the culinary school. It was here that he acquired the art in his trade and earned a reputation that would excel him to the top in his field.

He was offered the position of Head Chef at a new restaurant and he quickly brought the New York Steak House to the #1 ranked restaurant in Vietnam. With endorsements from ambassadors to celebrities, the 6-month wait for reservations was a testament to his success. His notoriety got him an invitation from the U.S. Embassy to join 24 other world chefs to the United States to share his personal style and gift with delegates from the Master Chef program. In 2012, he cooked at the White House and then travelled across the country meeting and teaching famous chefs he had only previously seen on television.

He returned to Vietnam as an instructor at the International Culinary School in Ho Chi Minh City and hosted a television show teaching celebrity guests how to cook alongside him. He was an Iron Chef contestant during their first season in Vietnam.

You can tell how much Quang cares about every detail of the food he cooks – by the way he pours over the ingredients to his cooking style and right up to the plated presentation. We are honoured to have him at Mai and proud to share his talents with our customers.