About us



In 1991 Mr. Hung Do and Mrs. Phuong Mai, along with their five children, arrived in Toronto from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

To say it was a culture shock would be an understatement. Settling in was difficult for all of them – and finding decent jobs was a challenge because of language barriers. Even though both parents worked long hours, the pay was so low that they depended on help from Social Services to provide basic needs for their children.

1996 First Mai Restaurant Opened in Carleton, QC

Determined to work for a better future for their children and not depend on outside help, Mr. and Mrs. Do moved to Carleton, Quebec to start their own business.

In the first five years, both parents put in tremendous effort, worked long hours, managed regulations, staffing and customers, and took care of their children.

Their tireless hours brought them great results. The restaurant became a popular venue in the small town of Carleton. Its reputation travelled as far as Gaspé and into Northern New Brunswick. Many customers drove for hours to enjoy their food.

2002 Mai Restaurant Opened in Bathurst

While visiting Bathurst early 2001, a friend of Do, also owner of a small restaurant in Bathurst, wanted to retired and offer to sell him the location. After doing research, as well as learning from their customers, they realized Bathurst is a good place to live and do business.

Side by side with their two eldest children, Huy and Uyen, they have enjoyed continued success in Bathurst since 2002. They have been awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Bathurst, NB for their achievements, and recognized for their contribution to the town of Bathurst. It was a priceless gift on their 10-year anniversary in business.

2013 Mai Asian Restaurant Opened in Moncton

Proud of their parents’ effort and inspired by the sacrifices that they made, Anh Do and Hiep Do, teamed up to build two more Mai Restaurants in Moncton & Dieppe. They inherited the exceptional menu specializing in Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese Cuisine and a strong reputation from their parents. Anh and Hiep have added their own expertise in management and marketing and the restaurants are gaining a strong following. Customers are enjoying the traditional family recipes as well as the infusion of Chef’s own tasting menu for special occasions.


Customer oriented

Customers are our number one priority. From the moment you walk in through the doors our goal is to ensure you have a pleasant experience. With a very relaxing and welcoming atmosphere your entire family is sure to have a great night out. We have a vast menu with a wide range of foods for everyone, from vegetarians, to gluten free options, and even a kids’ menu there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

We truly care about you. We are not only focusing on providing our best tasty dishes, but also ourhealthiest dishes. Our menu is designed to fit a healthy life style. All ingredients are purchased from well-known providers with top quality selection.

We try to connect with our customers, to understand your preferences and your tastes, so we can enhance our service to meet your high expectations. We love to see every of our customers leaving with big smile and our whole team takes pride in bringing the best experience for every of our customers.

Team work

to achieve big goal of customer satisfactory, we, either owners or employees, manager or server, chef or dishwasher, work hand in hand closely, understanding that we could only success by bring the best experience for every of our customers. Training is very critical to our operation in providing you best experience

The training session are conducted frequently and cover all key elements about your wellness